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"Thessaliko Fistiki"
Agricultural Cooperative


Since the summer of 2009, the Agricultural Cooperative "Thessaliko Fistiki" has been operating by a decision of the Volos Peace Court. The Agricultural Cooperative of Stefanovikeio was recognized as a Producer Group by the Prefecture of Magnesia in the spring of 2010.

It consists of producers from Stefanovikeio, Rizomilos, Kanalia, Agios Georgios Feron, as well as from Sotirio and the settlement of Myron in Larissa.

Purpose of Α.Σ. ΘΕ.ΦΥ. is the maximization of production, the improvement of the quality of the products (dried nuts) and the peak of commercial value aiming to ensure a satisfactory standard of living for both members and their families.

Up to this point, there are Fistiki processing machines and a land acquisition was made in Stefanovikeio, focused on the construction of a building complex.

We have regular contacts with other three cooperatives across Greece as well as acquaintances with wholesalers both domestically and abroad, for example in Italy, Sweden, Albania and Russia.

We have confidence in ourselves, we believe in what we do, and we hope that we will succeed.


The Board consists of:

President of the Board

Prassas Konstantinos

Vice President

Koukoutselos Christos


Mpouropoulos Vasileios


Sveronopoulos Athanasios


Antzouris Ioannis